MINT – the preferred Mobile Application for Meetings

MINT is the mobile technology solution of choice at Nor-Shipping 2011 – the leading meeting place for the world’s shipping industry!

Nor-Shipping, which brings together the best and the brightest of the shipping industry, is this year expected to attract 34,500 delegates.

All registered attendees can use MINT, (mobile interactive networking tool), directly from their own Smart Phone, Tablet computer or other web-enabled mobile device to:

  • view the complete event agenda
  • organize and manage their own personal agenda
  • explore and find their way around the venue
  • view list of exhibitors
  • stay up-to-date as to what is happening during the event
  • and much more…

Thanks to MINT’s “auto-match” feature, participants can also quickly and easily find, connect and communicate with exhibitors and other visitors that share similar professional interests!

MINT’s mobile apps for meetings can be used on multiple platforms!

For Nor-Shipping 2011, Apps have been developed that can be downloaded via iTunes App Store and the Android Market and participants are also offered the option to use a web-based App which easily can be opened through any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone.

When it comes to mobile solutions, we can deliver a huge range of services, regardless of platform. iPhone, Android, Java, Flash Lite, HTML – you name it, we can do it!
Our goal is to raise awareness about the possibilities of mobile business for meetings, companies and organizations throughout the world.
We want to make it easier for users to communicate, use services, interact and make everyday life more simple and fun!

To discuss and explore the many benefits of using MINT at your next upcoming event and/or if you have an idea for a mobile solution that can assist you in your business contact our
U.S. based representatives:    E:    Ph:  +1 917 327 5186
…your source for innovative products, services & solutions for meetings!

The future of meetings

Even though there are several times when i.e. online interaction and teleconferences are effective and makes perfect sense.
My bet is that in the future of meetings, in person face-to-face meetings will still be “en vogue”.
What’s your take on this?

QR Codes for Meetings and Events

QR (quick response) code

QR codes are basically barcodes that can be read via barcode scanners and SmartPhones or Tablet computers that have a camera. (FYI – you might have to install a free App such as a QR Reader if your device not already have one.)

QR codes are very effective whether your goal is to enhance your marketing reach; stimulate interaction; or manage access to events and can be shared via collateral as well as electronically and feature links to the Event web-site; Sponsors; Exhibitors; Special Promotions, etc. As an example, the QR code pictured above will take you to our web-site at

Next time you are planning an event, why not use QR Codes?

 For instance, you can distribute these to your guests and easily…

Manage access to private functions
…by submitting QR Codes as Tickets to your attendees. With QR codes as tickets, you can also eliminate the need for having badges and provide a discrete way to handle VIP’s and/or events that prefer a higher level of confidentiality.
(As an added security you can add their photo as part of their profile and simply have them show their mobile phone at the entrance.)

Increase interaction at Silent Auctions
…by including QR Codes that links to the web-site of donated items as part of Silent Auctions.

This provides far more information and excitement for the attendees than a paper can provide and the increased exposure is sure to please your donors as well.
To stimulate the bidding you can also add  a Charity Auction mobile solution, (such as provided by *)

There are several other ways in which to successfully use QR Codes for Meetings and Events. We have here below initiated a list, highlighting some of the ways in which you can benefit from incorporating the use of QR codes at your event and look forward to your questions, comments as well as additions to this list.



  • Booth and/or Table Top Signs
  • Business Cards
  • Charity: Silent Auction Donations
  • Program/Agenda
  • Signage throughout the Venue
  • Ticketing


  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Follow Up Letters

HTH business solutions is dedicated to creating value by providing innovative products for your meetings. Contact us now to discuss your wants and to get assistance with enhancing your next event >

* Disclaimer: HTH business solutions operates as the extended sales force in the U.S. & Canada for plus several other innovative product providers servicing the needs of Meetings and Events.

International collaboration = key to stimulate faster growth

I have said this before – “a congress should be viewed as a milestone, not the end of a journey!”

Reason I say this, is that they can stimulate and create opportunities for other meetings to take place throughout the remainder of the year, whether these are local, regional, national or international meetings.

Take Sweden as an example, (where I just attended TUR last week and yes, I was born in Sweden), which is a leader in innovation, logistics, clean tech, telecom, pharmaceuticals and very forward thinking in many other areas!

The population might be small but there has been extensive investments made in new venues, infrastructure, as well as recent introductions of new strategies, (see, to further develop and support meetings.

There is also a great tradition of Research and the Nobel Prize has certainly contributed to
strengthen our place in this area on the world map and fostered continued interest in research. At last count, Sweden is the leading nation in Europe, (based on invested Euro per inhabitant), and the 2nd country in the world based on amount invested in research per capita.

To create NEW conferences and congresses based on each destination/region’s unique strength related to what the Researchers, Universities as well as Private Sector in the area are focused on and good at is therefore both important and right!

When doing so, the focus should be on making these events themselves as well as the process more efficient, effective, productive and sustainable.

Our goal at HTH business solutions is to stimulate the creation of new, as well as enhancing existing events and to get everyone involved with the planning as well as attending, to cooperate and to Think & Act as well as Meet & Interact Differently – before, during and after the congress.

Whether you are a researcher, innovator, investor, CVB, chamber of commerce, university or public sector representative…

We welcome the opportunity to start a dialogue, with the aim of exploring the opportunity developing new effective, efficient and productive conferences & congresses!

To answer your questions:
YES = you need to have a passion for what you do!
NO = It will not cost you anything to speak and work with us!
NO = you will not have to invest a lot of your time to get this done!
NO = you do not need prior experience in organizing a meeting or event!

I look forward to hearing from you – sincerely, Thomas

Trade Shows a Mile Post, not the end of a Journey

As 2010 is coming to its end I have been reflecting on the various Trade Shows, Congresses and Events we have participated in this past year, either as visitors, attendees or exhibitors.

I found them to be very successful and enjoyed a good ROI/ROO but in line with our goal of contributing to “Congress Success”, here are a few thoughts and comments on things that could have made these meetings even better.


We had clearly defined our goals & objectives for the events;
In those cases when we exhibited, we marketed our booth/stand through social media channels and via targeted e-mail to ensure that we reached both existing and new customers;
At times we were attending, checked the profiles of exhibitors to identify our target list of people to meet;
Whether exhibiting or attending, made pre-scheduled appointments when available;
Reviewed and identified interesting seminars to sign up for;
Scheduled time for internal meeting just before the event;
Arranged customer or partner appreciation event on “free” evening.


  • Use a Business Match-making tool to make it easier to find the right contacts to connect with.
  • Provide easier way to manage communications between buyers & sellers before event.
    (Reason for mentioning this is at one of the past events the sellers where allowed to send using their own company e-mail address which made it impossible to create a Filter with Auto-reply once our appointment list was full and we received upwards of 1,000 e-mails from sales people sending out blasts and at another event the e-mails that went out were from a “No Reply” e-mail which made responding very tedious and in those instances when sender had not included an e-mail and/or name almost impossible).


We made sure to confirm additional appointments to complete our schedule;
“Walked the floor” when possible to check out competitors, new products and services;
Met with industry association and media contacts;
Searched for inspiration by looking for and visiting unique and creative stands/booths.


  • Be mindful of both the exhibitors and the attendees when setting the agenda to avoid having exhibitors being “left alone” at the trade show and to avoid the challenge of having a large number of people depart early.
  • Whenever possible, schedule seminars on times outside of exhibits and pre-scheduled appointments to allow for both buyers and sellers to attend seminars together as these provide great networking opportunity and allows for better collaboration.
    (Mentioning this as at one event we were so busy at our stand it was impossible to attend some of the seminars/educational sessions that were offered and that we had interest in attending and  at a couple of other events where we were attendees, we did not get opportunity to meet with the  Exhibitors as we had pre-scheduled appointments and seminars that filled our time.)
  • Use Audience Response tool during seminar/educational sessions to gauge consensus, understanding, and solicit questions and feedback. (This is extremely important to allow for as many people as possible to interact and contribute to the conversation.)
  • Schedule a short break following seminars to allow for participants to network, reflect and continue dialogue regarding what was just discussed and/or presented.
  • Send out brief Survey during this break and ask for quick comment/feedback.


We conducted a debrief among the members of our team that participated at the event;  Followed up with people met via e-mail and phone calls to say thank you and to move dialogue and relationship along;
Reviewed and divided the contacts met, according to who on our team would be best suited to manage the ongoing business relationship;


  • Provide forum where comments and results from surveys remain posted online for attendees to access.
  • Make online copies of all Seminars/Educational sessions available for attendees to access.
  • Provide a forum where continuous dialogue can occur regarding the specific topic covered in each Seminar.

As always, I am very interested in hearing what your thoughts and comments might be and look forward to exchanging ideas and hopefully meeting up and working together in the near future!

With best wishes for everyones continued growth and success – HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!

Key benefits of an Audience Response System…

  • Increased audience participation
  • Ability to display results immediately
  • Instantly confirm audience comprehension
  • Improved reporting & analysis

In a recent poll where we asked the question “What are the key benefits of an Audience Response System based on your experience?” the responses we received came back in the above order with “Increased audience participation” landing 16% of the votes, followed by the others receiving 10%, 6% and 4% respectively. (Correct, this does not amount to 100% but more about that in a moment.)

There are several other benefits that can be achieved by including an Audience Response System as part of your next meeting and we welcome your comments in regards to this but for now let’s focus on these four.

It is truly amazing how the interaction increases and how much more you can get out of a session by allowing participants to post questions and respond to polls anonymously.
Some of the reasons for this is that people might have great ideas but are hesitant to speak up in front of everyone, some in the audience might be shy, and others might feel more comfortable voicing their opinion in writing, (whether or not the session is being conducted in their native language or not).
With that said, to best manage the flow of dialogue and keep the session on track, it is highly recommended having a person reviewing and monitoring what questions to put up on the screen in the room for everyone to see.

When polls and surveys are conducted and results instantly shared during the meeting it can stimulate further discussion as part of the session and/or lead to new insights to be captured and addressed following the event.

This is extremely valuable information and can, depending on style or preference of the speaker and/or format of the meeting, be used to address items right away and/or to provide feedback as to what additional training or communications are needed to ensure that everyone is “on the same page” and understand the message that the speaker or panelists are aiming to convey.

By being able to poll the audience during the meeting/session the response ratio will very likely be higher than if conducted separately afterwards. This increase in data captured, provides a more accurate picture of current status which in turn can improve your analysis and strategic planning for the future.

And now – the number one answer to our poll
which got the remaining 64% of the votes….


We look forward to hearing your comments about the value of Audience Response Systems and invite you to learn more about new and very affordable ways to include Audience Response as part of your next meeting by allowing your attendees to use their own mobile/smart-phone to interact via SMS/Text.

With best wishes for your continued Meeting Success!

BEST PRACTICE: Effective Presentations

Effective presentation skills can be learned and three things to keep in mind for a most successful outcome are PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION!

Naturally there are several other aspects to take under consideration but preparation is key – as is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Did that give it away?  What I am referring to is THE RULE OF THREE, that people tend to remember three things, so keep that in mind when you are deciding what the message is that you want your audience to walk away with.

To assist you in preparing for your next presentation, here below are some thoughts and recommendations that I have gathered over the years that I am confident will make you feel more at ease come presentation day!

Please feel free to provide comments and add other suggestions that you consider helpful.

Prepare and ensure you Know the Audience
> who are they, what do they want, what is the common interest that brings everyone together?

Engage the Audience
> use “story telling” to connect the audience with each topic and get participants to “brain storm” by providing “food for thought”
> use visuals that support and clarify the point that you are making
> speak in a conversational tone and avoid lecturing

Interact with the Audience
> be in the moment
> encourage participants to contribute to the dialogue by asking questions and providing their point-of-view based on experiences they have, related to topic being discussed

Measure Communication

> do a “pulse check” – “How are we doing?”
> Help steer dialogue back to topic at hand if necessary and have someone capture and write down any items that are brought up during presentation that are not directly tied to the topic but are of interest to the audience, so that proper follow-up can be arranged
> test consensus, check if audience is in agreement
> use an Audience Response system which allows you to get immediate feedback

Challenge the Audience
> to actively participate in discussion and polls
> provide some thought-provoking information and ask audience to provide different perspectives
> by providing tool where the audience anonymously can post questions (i.e. mobile technology with SMS/Text) you encourage more people to participate, even those that might be a bit shy in front of a large group

Respect the Audience
> start and end on time
> make sure you provide something of value, whether it is new information, an insight or motivation


Less is mor
e – stay to the point

More images
– a picture tells more than a thousand words, just make sure that it somehow relates to the topic at hand

Less bullet points
– too many bullet points and words on a screen distracts the audience from WHAT you are saying and can also take away from HOW you are presenting it


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