QR Codes for Meetings and Events

QR (quick response) code

QR codes are basically barcodes that can be read via barcode scanners and SmartPhones or Tablet computers that have a camera. (FYI – you might have to install a free App such as a QR Reader if your device not already have one.)

QR codes are very effective whether your goal is to enhance your marketing reach; stimulate interaction; or manage access to events and can be shared via collateral as well as electronically and feature links to the Event web-site; Sponsors; Exhibitors; Special Promotions, etc. As an example, the QR code pictured above will take you to our web-site at http://www.HTHsolutions.com

Next time you are planning an event, why not use QR Codes?

 For instance, you can distribute these to your guests and easily…

Manage access to private functions
…by submitting QR Codes as Tickets to your attendees. With QR codes as tickets, you can also eliminate the need for having badges and provide a discrete way to handle VIP’s and/or events that prefer a higher level of confidentiality.
(As an added security you can add their photo as part of their profile and simply have them show their mobile phone at the entrance.)

Increase interaction at Silent Auctions
…by including QR Codes that links to the web-site of donated items as part of Silent Auctions.

This provides far more information and excitement for the attendees than a paper can provide and the increased exposure is sure to please your donors as well.
To stimulate the bidding you can also add  a Charity Auction mobile solution, (such as provided by Delegia.com *)

There are several other ways in which to successfully use QR Codes for Meetings and Events. We have here below initiated a list, highlighting some of the ways in which you can benefit from incorporating the use of QR codes at your event and look forward to your questions, comments as well as additions to this list.



  • Booth and/or Table Top Signs
  • Business Cards
  • Charity: Silent Auction Donations
  • Program/Agenda
  • Signage throughout the Venue
  • Ticketing


  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Follow Up Letters

HTH business solutions is dedicated to creating value by providing innovative products for your meetings. Contact us now to discuss your wants and to get assistance with enhancing your next event >  info@HTHsolutions.com

* Disclaimer: HTH business solutions operates as the extended sales force in the U.S. & Canada for Delegia.com plus several other innovative product providers servicing the needs of Meetings and Events.


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