International collaboration = key to stimulate faster growth

I have said this before – “a congress should be viewed as a milestone, not the end of a journey!”

Reason I say this, is that they can stimulate and create opportunities for other meetings to take place throughout the remainder of the year, whether these are local, regional, national or international meetings.

Take Sweden as an example, (where I just attended TUR last week and yes, I was born in Sweden), which is a leader in innovation, logistics, clean tech, telecom, pharmaceuticals and very forward thinking in many other areas!

The population might be small but there has been extensive investments made in new venues, infrastructure, as well as recent introductions of new strategies, (see, to further develop and support meetings.

There is also a great tradition of Research and the Nobel Prize has certainly contributed to
strengthen our place in this area on the world map and fostered continued interest in research. At last count, Sweden is the leading nation in Europe, (based on invested Euro per inhabitant), and the 2nd country in the world based on amount invested in research per capita.

To create NEW conferences and congresses based on each destination/region’s unique strength related to what the Researchers, Universities as well as Private Sector in the area are focused on and good at is therefore both important and right!

When doing so, the focus should be on making these events themselves as well as the process more efficient, effective, productive and sustainable.

Our goal at HTH business solutions is to stimulate the creation of new, as well as enhancing existing events and to get everyone involved with the planning as well as attending, to cooperate and to Think & Act as well as Meet & Interact Differently – before, during and after the congress.

Whether you are a researcher, innovator, investor, CVB, chamber of commerce, university or public sector representative…

We welcome the opportunity to start a dialogue, with the aim of exploring the opportunity developing new effective, efficient and productive conferences & congresses!

To answer your questions:
YES = you need to have a passion for what you do!
NO = It will not cost you anything to speak and work with us!
NO = you will not have to invest a lot of your time to get this done!
NO = you do not need prior experience in organizing a meeting or event!

I look forward to hearing from you – sincerely, Thomas

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