Key benefits of an Audience Response System…

  • Increased audience participation
  • Ability to display results immediately
  • Instantly confirm audience comprehension
  • Improved reporting & analysis

In a recent poll where we asked the question “What are the key benefits of an Audience Response System based on your experience?” the responses we received came back in the above order with “Increased audience participation” landing 16% of the votes, followed by the others receiving 10%, 6% and 4% respectively. (Correct, this does not amount to 100% but more about that in a moment.)

There are several other benefits that can be achieved by including an Audience Response System as part of your next meeting and we welcome your comments in regards to this but for now let’s focus on these four.

It is truly amazing how the interaction increases and how much more you can get out of a session by allowing participants to post questions and respond to polls anonymously.
Some of the reasons for this is that people might have great ideas but are hesitant to speak up in front of everyone, some in the audience might be shy, and others might feel more comfortable voicing their opinion in writing, (whether or not the session is being conducted in their native language or not).
With that said, to best manage the flow of dialogue and keep the session on track, it is highly recommended having a person reviewing and monitoring what questions to put up on the screen in the room for everyone to see.

When polls and surveys are conducted and results instantly shared during the meeting it can stimulate further discussion as part of the session and/or lead to new insights to be captured and addressed following the event.

This is extremely valuable information and can, depending on style or preference of the speaker and/or format of the meeting, be used to address items right away and/or to provide feedback as to what additional training or communications are needed to ensure that everyone is “on the same page” and understand the message that the speaker or panelists are aiming to convey.

By being able to poll the audience during the meeting/session the response ratio will very likely be higher than if conducted separately afterwards. This increase in data captured, provides a more accurate picture of current status which in turn can improve your analysis and strategic planning for the future.

And now – the number one answer to our poll
which got the remaining 64% of the votes….


We look forward to hearing your comments about the value of Audience Response Systems and invite you to learn more about new and very affordable ways to include Audience Response as part of your next meeting by allowing your attendees to use their own mobile/smart-phone to interact via SMS/Text.

With best wishes for your continued Meeting Success!


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